2 November 2012

Family Photo Session, Part II: Taking Along the Fuji

So I know I've given it a lot of stick, and truly I haven't enjoyed using it much because there are so few pictures I have taken with it that I want to keep, but the X100 does have its uses and does, occasionally, come up with the goods, even if it isn't me taking the pictures... I bring it along sometimes so as to pass it on to a child or children to take some shots - it keeps their attention and stops them getting bored, and it helps them to engage with the photography I am doing. It can't hold attention for ever of course, but its size, weight and likeable looks mean it normally is a bit of a hit. Plus, as above, you get the odd shot that makes it all worthwhile. You can't afford to worry about it taking a few knocks but if you don't mind that, I'd really recommend it as a strategy on photography sessions involving children. By the way, of the three shots above, I only took the last one (the least accomplished...).

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