28 February 2012

41 Megapixels? Uh oh.

I think I just read about my next phone. And camera. Here. http://www.engadget.com/2012/02/27/nokia-808-pureview-first-sample-shots-feast-your-eyes/

26 February 2012


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23 February 2012

district line

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Cambridge: Kettle's Yard

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20 February 2012

French Horn

Get Carter! in rehearsal (last year)

From the National Theatre

What Not to Post

I hereby promise, on pain of death, never to post a picture involving Lego in any way, shape or form so help me God. In particular, if I ever post a picture involving little Lego figurines in “cute” or “entertaining” poses, the first person to point this out can torture me without fear of recourse to the law. Equally, I promise never to post a picture of a wooden jetty unspooling into milky, flat waters nor another photo of someone from behind, who may or may not be doing something interesting, entitled “something something street photography”*

*Either get in front of them and take a proper picture or admit that you haven’t the kahunas for this type of work.
So, in the meantime, I give you this:

19 February 2012

Winter Sunshine, Cambridge

Absence: TGI Fridays

Through the window I hasten to add - I'd not actually eat there of course.

Trying out some new Software

Shh, photography not allowed at the Fitzwilliam

Weekend in Cambridge

So, the X100 can, occasionally, deliver ;-)

At Kettle's Yard, Cambridge

weekend in Cambridge 6

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weekend in Cambridge 8

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15 February 2012

Behind the National Gallery

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11 February 2012

Sadie Lee opening at Cuts, Soho

Electric Cigarette: Sadie Lee opening at Cuts, Soho, Feb 2012

At the opening of Sadie Lee's exhibition at Cuts, Soho

and no birds sing

Thinking of getting a Mac?

Here's what doesn't work on my MacBook Pro (2 years old, Lion, 4gig of RAM):

1. Capture NX2 - hangs, crashes, runs slowly if at all.
2. Portrait Professional - crashes Photoshop, sometimes the whole machine.
3. Preview won't, preview that is - well, it will, but not NEFs (Nikon's RAW files) - it doesn't render them properly, and struggles if you try and open more than a few (say, 10?) picture files at any one time of any sort. 
4. It could be me, but gestures on the trackpad appear to be broken and don't do what Apple say they should.
5. I have yet to find any decent word processing software.
6. iTunes - well, it works, but it has a software footprint roughly equivalent to the entire internet. I should, theoretically, be able to change the music on my iPad using iTunes but frankly I don't have the six days to learn how to do this without losing data somewhere along the line. In a word, BLOATED.

What does work? Well, the screen looks nice and the aluminium chassis is neat. Ditto the backlit keyboard. Firefox appears to be ok and doesn't crash very often. I still haven't got to grips with what is meant by a keychain or disc image - no idea what they mean. I know, I know, I should learn. But having spent a long long time learning something about the technicalities of Windows in order to get it to work, I don't have the will to learn what I need to about Apple's system - so sue me...

Anything else? Well, don't believe the people in the, albeit beautiful, Apple shops: things go wrong all the time, just as often as Windows in my experience. Within a week of buying the machine it had, for example, eaten a Photoshop CD (I mean, taken great grooves out of it - I had to get the drive replaced and a new Photoshop CD). Currently it is issues associated with Lion (see above). Next week, who knows? Still, I need a machine for my photography and, for the time being, despite all the above, I'm sticking with what I have. When the cameras get upgraded perhaps a new computer will have to form part of the package...

6 February 2012


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Man Flu day four

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5 February 2012

Mustn't ... go ... to ... the light... ( Man Flu day three)

1 February 2012


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Smiley Happy Person

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