9 June 2012

Ron, Richmond

Yeah, I burnt his whiskers - stupid stupid stupid! However, it just about stands up still. A nice guy, I know nothing about him other than he readily agreed to a portrait and I will drop him off a print at the Church where he was sweeping up immediately prior to my taking this shot.

8 June 2012

Matilda Sturridge

Matilda Sturridge as Daisy in The Great Gatsby

A 99 Please

On Top of a Bicycle: The only place in the world less sexy than a bus*

For five years my bike has stood out in the rain, unloved. On a whim and a nag, "I" decided to get it fixed up and so took it to the local shop where, after a mere 12 hours and £140, it was returned to me in perfect working order. Which was when the trouble started. It's raining (drought, June, summer - you know) and windy and generally shoddy out, and the brief test ride I did before returning home was therefore less than enjoyable, saddle-memory notwithstanding. Then there was the hauling it through the house to the back (I live in a terrace) and the covering / uncovering with a tarp. After all of which (lasting perhaps 15 minutes in total), the house looks like the inside of a knackers yard and I look as if I have been working on a farm for a fortnight without access to running water.

Bring on the next 5 years.....

*I know there's the morgue, but with CSI's beautiful corpses, that slot is relegated to 2nd place.

7 June 2012

Another from The Apple Cart Festival

Thanks to everyone at the Guardian for a fantastic day on Sunday: despite the horrendous weather it was unforgettable.

5 June 2012

Matilda Sturridge

Matilda Sturridge, originally uploaded by patrickdodds1.