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Blwyddyn Newydd Dda pobl, Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.

Party II



From Llanymynech Rocks

Window; Shutter; Light


... they are afoot. This week we move here:

So I have given up work here (for 18 months anyway). What beckons? Well, politics for Jane, and photography for me. Perhaps some shuttling between London and Powis is in store, with maybe side trips to other parts of the country to pursue photos such as this:

Or this: 

There may be a pause in posting for a few days as broadband gets sorted out and furniture moved / bought etc. When settled, I hope to come back reinvigorated and ready to seek out as many beautiful pictures as I can. So, see you on the other side.... :) 

Christmas Lights / Swan / Water / Delft



Early Morning, The Tunnel House Inn

Another Place

Grand Union revisited

Going Old Skool seems fitting today.

Peau D'Ane at Orleans House


Vera Black at The Elgin

Weekend, Part III: Nick Lim

Weekend, Part II: From a very enjoyable brother and sister portrait session this morning - an early contender

Yes, a little tricolore added - I couldn't resist. The vanilla version is out there though, don't worry.

Weekend, Part I

1. Seen rather too much of Birmingham - part of the M6 closed, so detours on my way to North Wales last night.
2. There is no longer a no. 2.
3. An MP, a Lord, and a dead (very dead) pheasant - all constituents of the photographic gallimaufry so far this weekend. Oh, and the gardens of a castle, our neighbours-to-be's castle in fact. More photography to follow tomorrow including an author and a brother and sister who want a present for their mother's 60th. So, rather more varied than the parade of beautiful women who have appeared in front of my lens of late - not that I am complaining in any way, shape or form about the latter - far from it - but it is good to Mix Things Up as Martin E has rather pointedly explained to me recently. :)
4. Still toying with the idea of a new blog when we move to Powis (apparently you can pronounce it Po-iss or Pow-iss, 'ain't no thing - if you were fretting about that, you can relax).  "Over the Border" is still in the running…

Peau D'Ane at Orleans House, Twickenham

Open a few more doors in your life.

Iris, Peau D'Ane shoot, Orleans House

Thinking aloud...


Harriet Starling



At We Are Cuts today

Singer and Designer Vera Black

You can hear her powerful and expressive voice here - I'd recommend starting with The Game. As for her design work, you can find that here. Enjoy!


Remind you of anyone?

Karolina in Vera Black accessories at Grand Union, Farringdon

For Vera Black Designs

More information here. Beautiful, no?

Good lord...


Taking photos such as these is almost the most fun you can have in the world.

Vince in Wimp


Sarah at BoB

Morning Pages, September 23rd*

I'm following the strictures laid out in The Artist's Way for the second time.

Q-3, space 113

Big Deal No. 5 Art Fair, Q-Park, Q -3, Cavendish Square

Alex Noble

As before, more here.