17 January 2013


On Photography

"Photography...it's the easiest medium in which to be competent. Anybody with a point-and-shoot camera can take a competent picture. But it's the hardest medium in which to have, to express, some kind of personal vision. Because there is no touch, there is no hand, there is no physicality. The fact that you CAN have something that's recognizable from 50 feet across the gallery as a Diane Arbus or an Irving Penn...the fact that you can have recognizable authorship means they really have done something." ~ Chuck Close, in the documentary Smash His Camera

16 January 2013

Attempt at 350


Death of a Pixma

So the Canon and I have come to a parting of the ways. One failure to work too many and now, bagged up and out in all weathers, the printer-that-never-printed awaits its grizzly fate at the recycling centre. Never in my life have I been so pleased to see the end of something as I am to see the back of that hell-bound abomination.

Of course, I still need a printer....

11 January 2013


Attempt at 355

1. Drawers. Full of rubbish I never use.
2. The legendary Canon Pixma - you literally cannot buy a worse printer. Possibly.
3. Where the magic is made.
4. Today's Morning Pages (a part of The Artist's Way that I have stuck to so far, for the most part).
5. Big fluffy dressing gown.

M, Soho