9 April 2013

Bjorn Bantock, Conductor, and The London Chamber Strings

A rough stab at a video to show you what I was up to about 10 days ago. Things I'd change? I'd have a wider spread on the mics; I'd have a picture at the beginning of the video so it isn't just a black screen that looks as if it has been taken down; and I'd shoot the cougher (which would also mean shooting myself, since I was coughing away like a good one at the concert, albeit that at least I kept it to the breaks like a good listener should).
Update: the video appears to have disappeared - no idea why. Sorry about that. Imagine, if you will, a short video of a brilliant conductor and his orchestra, a video so moving it wins the Palme d'Or at Cannes and international plaudits - that's what you are missing.