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Singer and Designer Vera Black

You can hear her powerful and expressive voice here - I'd recommend starting with The Game. As for her design work, you can find that here. Enjoy!


Remind you of anyone?

Karolina in Vera Black accessories at Grand Union, Farringdon

For Vera Black Designs

More information here. Beautiful, no?

Good lord...


Taking photos such as these is almost the most fun you can have in the world.

Vince in Wimp


Sarah at BoB

Morning Pages, September 23rd*

I'm following the strictures laid out in The Artist's Way for the second time.

Q-3, space 113

Big Deal No. 5 Art Fair, Q-Park, Q -3, Cavendish Square

Alex Noble

As before, more here.

Alex Noble

This is a piece by the extremely talented Alex Noble that can be seen at the Q-Park Car Park, Cavendish Square, this weekend, as part of the Big Deal No. 5 Art Fair.

Naz, BoB



Shard, Full Moon

Q-3, Cavendish Square

Q-3 Cavendish Square

Q-3 (007), Cavendish Square

Q-3, Cavendish Square

Richmond Gothic

Shirt looks like a waterfall...

Nathalie and Elena

George / Morgan / BoB / B&W

Naz @ BoB

Jeremy Hunt says he would want to see doctor's face

Somerset House

At Best of Britannia

Harriet at BoB

Lizzie Locke, Milliner

We Are Cuts at BoB


Swarthmore College, London. As in, London, Italy? Hmm. Rats smell I.

George / Morgan

With We Are Cuts at Best of Britannia