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Grand Union revisited

Going Old Skool seems fitting today.

Peau D'Ane at Orleans House


Vera Black at The Elgin

Weekend, Part III: Nick Lim

Weekend, Part II: From a very enjoyable brother and sister portrait session this morning - an early contender

Yes, a little tricolore added - I couldn't resist. The vanilla version is out there though, don't worry.

Weekend, Part I

1. Seen rather too much of Birmingham - part of the M6 closed, so detours on my way to North Wales last night.
2. There is no longer a no. 2.
3. An MP, a Lord, and a dead (very dead) pheasant - all constituents of the photographic gallimaufry so far this weekend. Oh, and the gardens of a castle, our neighbours-to-be's castle in fact. More photography to follow tomorrow including an author and a brother and sister who want a present for their mother's 60th. So, rather more varied than the parade of beautiful women who have appeared in front of my lens of late - not that I am complaining in any way, shape or form about the latter - far from it - but it is good to Mix Things Up as Martin E has rather pointedly explained to me recently. :)
4. Still toying with the idea of a new blog when we move to Powis (apparently you can pronounce it Po-iss or Pow-iss, 'ain't no thing - if you were fretting about that, you can relax).  "Over the Border" is still in the running…

Peau D'Ane at Orleans House, Twickenham

Open a few more doors in your life.

Iris, Peau D'Ane shoot, Orleans House

Thinking aloud...


Harriet Starling



At We Are Cuts today