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A Welsh Christmas

This is an edited, re-posted amalgam of pictures taken over Christmas 2013; see below for the reason why. Following this post I shall try and stick to my resolution about only posting pictures that I believe are "better" that the ones immediately preceding them, thereby hopefully improving the quality of the imagery on here, though of course this may well also have the effect of decreasing the amount of posts I put up on Mrs Lemon's. For those of you wondering if I am going to hold to the idea of having a new blog to reflect the fact of significantly changed circumstances (see posts passim), today the answer is no but who knows, this may change as I approach the 10 year point of this blog. 
10 years - is that possible? Well soon boyo, soon. 


Meg W said…
Your photos are just spectacular, so atmospheric. Such a joy to view.x
Patrick Dodds said…
Thanks Meg, very kind of you.

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