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Bright Sunshine? OK, well, admittedly the X100 can cope with that...

Ah me, the little Fuji X100. I still so want to like it and yet, and yet... Above is a perfectly nice shot of Shrewsbury*, even very nice - I like the light on the willow tree and the blue of the sky (which I have boosted a little in Capture NX2; I've also taken out a branch, top right). I lightened the area of trees on the left hand side as the shadows were a bit intense there: the Fuji chose a dynamic range setting of 100% - I don't yet know what these are a percentage of, but I do know that 400% is probably going to give lighter shadows than 100%. Anyway, I think I have overdone it on the lightening somewhat but never mind, it's staying as is for the time being. Other settings? Well, OK then - since you ask: ISO 200 (base ISO); 1/1000s @ f11. Auto WB, exposure comp -2/3. And that's your lot. Nice, as I say, but not hard for almost any camera to achieve. Or maybe I'm hating on the Fuji too much? Whatever, I may still be tempted by an X-Pro2; I tried out an X-E2 in a shop today - admittedly hardly a test of scientific rigour, but the focus seemed pretty good and way better than the last time I tried out an X-Pro1. So, I may yet succumb if there is, indeed, an X-Pro2 in the works.

And further thoughts on the above picture? Well, it rather lacks a subject... Perhaps just the willow next time? It's like one of Martin Parr's Boring Postcards.

Below is another Fuji shot - settings ISO 400, f5.6, 1/250s, WB auto, dynamic range 200%. Originally in colour, converted to b&w in Capture NX2. Taken just outside Welshpool - yes, it's been raining a bit here.

* Population 74,000 according to Wikipedia. And £299,000,000 retail turnover in 2005? Sounds like a lot to me but what do I know? Just about nada.


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