3 January 2014

Apologies for the missing pictures (or, A warning about google+)

Apologies if there are a number of missing pictures and a minus or no entry sign in their place when you visit but I'm having a few teething issues with google+, a service that remains annoyingly opaque, to me at least. I'd explain what happened but, well, it's a bit dull - here's a link explaining what happened if you'd like to know more. But if you can't be bothered to read all that (and why would you?), someone called Mathieu puts it best - some allowances for his English please, I think it isn't his first language (although he manages to make sense of an issue for me that Google couldn't do despite extensive searching):

In no way does it show that deleting the album from Google+ rids the files from our blogs until you check out your blog, and it's too late. This is bull****. I think most users are going to assume (like we did) that the albums are just automatically imported to our Google+ profiles, and are not THE ACTUAL FILES. I deleted them because I didn't want my photo albums on G+ cluttered up with my blog photos. I had no clue that deleting them on G+ would delete them on the blog itself. This is ridiculous and a HUGE design flaw.

So, anyway, I'll try and get them back but it may take a while and besides, I'm not sure I want them showing up on my Google+ profile. Someone called Brian from Google says in the above thread that the company will make it clearer that deleting photos via Google+ (whatever Google+ actually is) deletes them from your blog. Hi Brian - you said that in February 2011; it's 2014 now and things are no clearer - anything you might want to add?

And now, rant over, as you were. I am Calm. Well, calmer.

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