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If you have time for one thing today...

Hey, you're busy. I get it. But, honestly, if you could set aside four minutes and 25 seconds of your time, I'd really strongly recommend going over here and listening to The Game sung by Vera Black and written by her and her husband Luke Bourne. The first time I heard it was like the first time I heard Tracy Chapman singing when she was at Live Aid - shivers, smiles, melancholy, awe - the whole shebang. Yep, Vera is that good. And she should be a huge name in the music world; hopefully, if that is what she wants, one day she will be. Until then, enjoy something new.... :)


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My trouble is

when I'm confronted with a request for headshots, say, I can't just stop there I have to start experimenting. I mean, you wouldn't put this on Spotlight or the IMDb now would you? Ah well, I wouldn't do it if I couldn't, if you see what I mean. Above is the ever-beautiful Claire-Monique Martin taken on Friday. Other photographs were procured.

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Schopenhauer’s central premise is that talent achieves what others cannot achieve, whereas genius achieves what others cannot imagine.