15 January 2014

Machynllethian Cabbage

Brassica oleracea if you want to be pretentious about it.

Like a tree, no? Bought in Machynlleth - pop. 2,100 (more here). Nikon D700, Nikon 105mm macro @ f3.0; 1/50s. Breadboard: model's own.
I took a trip to Machynlleth today in order to go to the Museum of Modern Art there. Whilst there I visited a lovely little bookshop - Pen'rallt Gallery Bookshop - they don't appear to have a web presence and I won't link to one of those generic listings sites that are destroying the web but do visit the gallery if you are ever over in this corner of Wales - the staff were lovely to me today and immediately intuited my love of photography, a subject to which they devote both a large amount of stock and exhibition space. On Saturday, in fact, there is to be a talk by Iain Wright, a photographer working in part for the Royal Commission on Ancient and Historic Monuments of Wales. I can't find a link to a site for Iain - perhaps this is a Machynllethian thing? Anyway - he's been documenting buildings of architectural (and / or historical?) interest in Powis (the lowest population density of all the counties of Wales - more here), a monumental (sorry) undertaking and about which he is going to speak on Saturday. 
Part of the reason for my trip was to go to the studio of Ian Phillips while I was there but I couldn't find it unfortunately - another time. Anyway, oh lordy is he talented - take a look at his beautiful linocuts here. Whilst I love photography, I'd give a few of my fingers to be able to produce art as affecting and true as his. Influenced by his time in Japan, the pictures to me have just the right level of abstraction; his use of colour is also, to me, right in the sense that he takes the essential colour of part of his subject and extrapolates beautifully from it, in keeping within the somewhat posterised demands of linocuts in general I would think. Anyway, I have clearly reached the limits of  my own inadequate understanding - just go look at his pictures why doncha? They are gorgeous.

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