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Selfie (with appropriate justification)

Look, I'm sorry about the narcissism, I really am, but there ain't no one else here apart from the cat and I'm just not going down that particular road again. So, here I am, staring out at you. Taken with a D700 and 50mm 1.4D at f11 [why so stopped down? To maximise DoF as I was shooting in manual focus using interval timing on a tripod and it was a hit-and-miss affair], this is cropped down a fair bit and not the most galumphing file ever. What's wrong with it? Well, aside from the cropping, my eyes could be sharper (just as they could in real life of course), a tan would be good, and what is up with that shirt on the right hand side? Anyway, until I can get someone else in front of my camera again, you may see a few more of these. I've some weddings and portraits coming up though, so thereafter you can rest easy. 

UPDATE: "What's wrong with it?" and then I'm off about technicalities? What's wrong with it is that I look so sodding miserable and am frowning fit to burst. Cheer up Partridge - life is a blessing remember?! 


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