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Visual Enough for You?

Why yes, thank you.
I was just now forced to leave my chair and walk around Powis Castle grounds owing to the beauty of the light as the wintery sun leaves the area for another 16 hours or so. Gold trees, glowing red hills, deer (me or them surprised the most? Hard to know), a pheasant that follows alongside everyone for a measured strip of land in the sheep field; the smell of rotting apples coming up from the hedge at the bottom of the orchard; a rainbow. Hard to imagine it getting more beautiful than it is this late January afternoon but I imagine spring and summer will have something to offer, as no doubt will February snows, if there are such a thing.
So, anyway, thanks to all who have made this possible - one winter's afternoon I won't forget, though the photos (of course I took a camera) won't do it justice.


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