Wales. January Monday.

 Clockwise from top left: front room, Sunday (I know, I know - it says Monday; all the rest were Monday so stop your maundering); Coed-y-Dinas nature reserve; bus stop and trees, A490; C-y-D pond / nature reserve; C-y-D hide; C-y-D picnic site (? - not sure about that last - it's right by the road, hardly looks appetising, and has an air of classroom about it so maybe that's what it is for?). The reserve is managed by the Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust - lovely people, say hello to them if you are in Welshpool at any point. And yes, I am aware the above montage makes the place look a little bleak - take no notice of me - Melancholy is my middle name - the reserve is worth a visit, especially, I imagine, in the spring or summer; January really isn't the time.


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