30 Wedding Photos: 3

So, no. 3 in the series. James and Dani spontaneously combusting with joy outside their reception venue (The Rosendale - a stylish gastropub in Gypsy Hill, South London). Why this one? Well, as ever, the spontaneity is a big part of it: though we were about to take some group shots and shots of Dani and James together, this happened before we'd begun and had nothing to do with me, something you can tell just by looking at their faces - James' knew what he was going to do, but neither me nor Dani had any idea; had it been planned, you'd have known in an instant from their expressions. 
What else works in it's favour? The light is nice and even with enough contrast to give them some form - daylight, cloudy: nature's own softbox. Composition, focus, all that stuff - that's there. The bouquet is perfectly placed, and the arch in James' back, the angle of Dani's shoes ... they all work. Mostly though, it's the simplicity of the gesture and the beauty of Dani's expression as both of them look direct to camera and enjoy their day, the tension of the ceremony over, the party yet to properly begin. 


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