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30 Wedding Photos: 5

Why is this one of my all-time favourite wedding pictures? Let me count the ways: 1. The later afternoon light. 2. The smiles on nearly every face. 3. The Kiss. 4. The iconic London skyline (getting up high - nearly always a Good Thing, photographically). 5. The guy at the back climbing up so he is in the picture. 6. The composition. 7. The happiness. 
Of course, this one was a set up, unlike the others so far, but the fact that so many people were involved, the setting, smiling eyes... somehow, it really doesn't matter that everyone was asked to pose for the photo - so many are doing their own thing anyway, the "pose" is really very little more than a grouping and a request that they look at the camera. Having viewed this picture a lot over the years, it still makes me smile. Would I change anything? Well, I'd be happier if the woman in red, extreme right, was looking at the camera... 


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