24 February 2014

30 Wedding Photos: 6

OK, so, well, with a bride this beautiful it becomes a fish-in-a-barrel scenario but, even allowing for that, I do love this picture: Rae's eyes, expression, the rapt attention of the woman in red behind her, with the implication that her other friend is similarly absorbed. I like the direct-to-camera eye contact, the colours, the dress, the lighting on her hair, the smile playing on her lips, the bright morning light, the fact that what is happening can only mean one thing - that a ceremony is but a short time away :-)

Not a lot left to say really - is that not enough?? OK, well, slight challenge in exposure with a scene so heavily backlit; plus, I shot pretty wide open so as to throw the background out of focus as much as possible, and I shot with the subject on the third of the picture. So, with all that, we're set.

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