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30 Wedding Photos: 8

So, posed, yes: not a truly spontaneous moment, though let's say it's about 85% up to the kids, 15% to me. Which is to say, though they came to pose in front of the camera, they were already posing about the place and the hat had already been purloined, I just had to kneel down in front of them at the wedding reception (we're pretty deep into the evening here) and get the shot. Unusually for me, I used a bit of flash here - things were DARK in the venue - but I don't think it kills the moment as the girls fill the frame and I had the flash dialled down so that a good proportion of the light you see here is ambient, hence the tungsten warmth.
What do I like about it? The fun, the smiles, the genuine warmth, the kids-being-kids business. I like the one eye of the girl on the right, I like the oversized hat which tells you "wedding" without further ado, and I like the cheesy, we're in front of a camera expressions. I like the warmth of the tungsten mixed with a bit of flash; I like the lean in to the camera - they are giving it everything they have - and, well, I like it because it makes me smile.


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