3 March 2014

30 Wedding Photos: 11

Ooh, like a pieta.

Three bridesmaids, the two older ones comforting the youngest. I don't know what triggered the girl's tears but I know that they were over quickly thanks to the love and kindness of the women. This picture is a little old now and I don't know if I would necessarily give the same post-processing treatment to it today as I did when I first edited it, though I might as I still think it adds something. I am conscious when editing a wedding set that they need to be seen as a cohesive group so that they don't jar when viewed in a slideshow or a book. Mixing colour and black and white can be tricky in this regard, though people are reasonably used to the convention now so I am not too worried by it. Different treatments, on the other hand, can disrupt the flow, the mood, the mise-en-scene, and so if I have a few pictures that I have treated in some unusual way I will generally put them in a separate file marked "experimental" and warn the recipients that they may not necessarily like the more heavily post-processed pictures.

Anyway, what's to like in this? Human warmth, empathy, emotion; the girl's sad eyes and the physical and emotional comfort provided by the women, one kissing her, one talking to her, both soothing her. I like the simplicity, the darkness, the tones, the hair. And, like some of the others, I like the spontaneity of the scene, the absence of artifice. YMMV of course, those are just my thoughts.

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