29 March 2014

30 Wedding Photos: 16

So, number 16 and why this particular photo? I mean, not technically difficult and not startlingly original. But but but... well here's why: 1. The expressions - these are not a group of women who have been hanging about for 90 minutes waiting to have their photo taken; I asked, they said yes, I led them to some shade and a neutral-ish background, took about four shots in quick succession and boom, there you go - everyone looking happy and beautiful. 2. The colours - I like the colours. 3. The dresses - yep, colour me effeminate, but I like the different dresses. 4. It's a happy memory of a happy day.  5. Summer - what's not to like about a glorious summer's day? Even though we are in the shade here, there's no doubt that this is a lovely summer's day; probably if you are in the know, attuned, you can tell that these women are English and might guess that we are in England where such days are rare (no, I didn't ask them all their nationalities but there's something about their looks, their skin and the fashion). 6. The flare - I could have removed it in post but no, on balance, I like it - it mirrors the earring of the woman 2nd left and it adds, I think, rather than detracts - feel free to disagree.

As an aside, you can see I am not a purist when it comes to documenting weddings - yes, I prefer candid, unposed photographs in the main, but sometimes there are groups of people just crying out to have a picture taken together and this was, in my view, one such group.

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