28 March 2014

No, not quite

The colour is all wrong despite a long time in post, plus I don't like the composition as much as I thought I would. Definition is missing plus plus plus a dozen other things. Dang but I had high hopes for this. The shadow of the pram is in the wrong place too. I might have to go back to give it another go if I am in London over the next couple of weeks. I thought perhaps (a) I should go back during daylight hours; and (b) I should take a tripod and use a long exposure, pushing the pram out and away from the camera ... Oh but I don't know, maybe the shot simply isn't there. The pram though, when I saw it, I was amazed - I'd recently toyed with the idea of buying a pram like this and so seeing it there in the church was synchronicitous (such a word?); my thoughts previously had centred on taking some shots of it in a field under starlight, solitary, slightly scary: maybe I'll still do that, but I couldn't turn down this opportunity.
So anyway, work continues.

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