20 March 2014


There's something about digital rendition of skies, in coloured pictures, that's not quite right; sometimes in B&W there are issues too, but less frequently. Colour, though - nope, digital doesn't do overcast very well. Although, that said, the Fuji X100, for all its faults (see Mrs Lemon's passim), does render certain skies quite nicely.

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Something of an online zibaldone, albeit not on Tumblr where one might otherwise expect to find such things, "Mrs Lemon's Visit to Japan" takes its name from a poster seen in Cornwall advertising a talk at the local Women's Institute. I hope there is something here you like.

NB If you go back in time far enough on here some of the photos start to disappear - not sure why. Whatever is happening with the missing pictures, apologies.



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