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Moonrise, Powis Castle

By criminey, trees are beautiful are they not? My brother believes them to be the highest form of life - they live for centuries in some cases, they don't have to move for food, they look beautiful and are generally just pretty darn special. Some of them took a bit of a beating around here the other day what with the 100mph winds and all, and some didn't make it through, but this one survived and I thought merited a picture. I'm not sure that the picture adds to the sum of human happiness by much, and it certainly doesn't have sufficient elements of ambiguity or evolved pictorial significance to make it something that one would come back to time and time again, but as a silent testament to the beauty of a tree's form, well, it's not so bad.


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My trouble is

when I'm confronted with a request for headshots, say, I can't just stop there I have to start experimenting. I mean, you wouldn't put this on Spotlight or the IMDb now would you? Ah well, I wouldn't do it if I couldn't, if you see what I mean. Above is the ever-beautiful Claire-Monique Martin taken on Friday. Other photographs were procured.

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Schopenhauer’s central premise is that talent achieves what others cannot achieve, whereas genius achieves what others cannot imagine.