2 April 2014

30 Wedding Photos: 18

The groom getting ready. The smile, men helping each other dress (when do you ever see that?), the composition, the light (window behind camera, right), the looks of the guys behind the groom... This remains one of my personal favourites though it goes back a little now. As I'm taking a shot like this I'm sizing up the usual variables (depth of field, shutter speed, composition, keeping out of the way, not tripping over the dog / small child / furniture, keeping an eye on the time, keeping an eye on the amount of shots left on the card in the camera, figuring out which lens to use, figuring out what might happen next, figuring out focus and so on); it's only later that I think about the value this might have to the young man's wife who of course isn't present but by the wonder that is stills photography will be able to share the moment retrospecitively, after the day has receded a little, and then the value of what is caught becomes clear.
Would I change anything about this - angle of view, depth of field, contrast, post-processing? I'm not sure I would, though of course judging the merits of one's own work is a tricky proposition at best. Anyway, here you are - no. 18. You're welcome.

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