12 May 2014

30 Wedding Photos: 25

OK, well, two shots here - apologies. However, they were taken moments apart so let's call them a unified whole. Anyway. The Dress. A big deal on the day and forever after, I've not understood that whole Trash The Dress thing - was it dreamt up by photographers to score another shoot? Perhaps it has more to do with a subconscious desire to be free of all the planning and preparation and work that goes into a wedding - a "well, we did it, we had a beautiful party and a tonne of wonderful memories, let's move on now and what better way to mark the occasion than by destroying the dress?" Well, I don't know - maybe it has some cathartic value but the symbolism of a wedding dress brought down from the loft twenty five years or seventy five years after the event - there's something in that isn't there? Something beautiful? I'd have thought so but still, I'm not likely to ever wear a wedding dress (although never say never of course :)) so what do I know? Anyway, here's a beautiful example of a dress. Yes, the whole piece was photographed as well, but I kind of liked these more abstract elements, hence their inclusion here. 

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