13 June 2014

Selfie Selfie Selfie

A bit annoyed with myself tonight - had a neighbour all tee'd up for a shoot and then it started to rain and, when it stopped, I'd lost my nerve and we didn't go ahead. Might have been fun - certainly more of a challenge than another bloody selfie. Ah well. Forgive and forget. Tomorrow I shall break the mould, photographically, and advance six paces. Or something.

12 June 2014

I can't decide. Are any of these any good? All of them? None of them?

Moorhen 1, Deer 0

It's a coot, not a moorhen.

Ten to Twelve

Taken for DedPxl assignment no. 3, shadows. One of dozens I took today of a sundial next door, none of which really spoke to me afterwards, none getting me excited. Nah. People are needed for that, really. Anyway, one more day to go in which to upload something else to Flickr - let's see what a deadline does for my creativity (note that I've been finishing off a bunch of wedding pictures this week too, not that that got much to do with anything whatsoever). 

4 June 2014

Yes indeed: not just painting, not just puppetry, but photography too.

Have a read of this - it says some things I've thought before and then applies intelligence and expounds upon them. Communicating through the photograph, not about the photograph. People want to look at pictures not because they enjoy the act of looking at pictures but in order to be taken somewhere else. Just like Gregory Crewdson says.

Anyway, here's a photograph: 

I have nothing to say about it.

2 June 2014

Art by Christian Silva

One of the pieces on display at the Cecilia Brunson Projects gallery. I had a bit of a debate inside my own tete (imagine the circumflex - I haven't the inclination to find out how to get it there) about whether or not to post this because it is, after all, simply a representation of someone else's artwork. However, because I loved the graphic simplicity of the black and white tones in this, in the end I have erred on the side of posting in the hope that the picture is sufficiently different to the original piece such that it has its own merits, if you know what I mean. Anyway, do go along to Bermondsey to see the show - more information here: 

30 Wedding Photos: 27

Simplicity is sometimes best.

M, Soho