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Fan Ho, Street Photographer, being interviewed on Leica Liker

Welshpool Music Festival


Monkey Sanctuary. Sanctuary?

Art Offer of the Day 2: solutIONS by Richard Milhouse Nixon

A few from Cecilia Brunson Projects the other week

Viennese Selfie


Drugs were not involved in the production of this selfie

Art Offer of the Day 1: tHe PooR

Welshpool C&W Festival Part II (colour)

Behold, Cucumbers: The Dreamer (Out of the Ordinary - The Dream)

Welshpool Country and Western Festival

We Are Cuts at Return of the Rudeboy (photographs on the walls by Dean Chalkley) at Somerset House




Wedding, Slovakia

Derek Jarman's Caravaggio: What was he thinking?

30 Wedding Photos: Number 30

From Richard II at St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch High Street - The Malachite Theatre Company

Destination: Slovakia

Recently (ish)

At the Andrew Logan Sculpture Museum, Berriew

The Floating Box of Dogshit

30 Wedding Photos: 29