14 July 2014

30 Wedding Photos: Number 30

So, then, the last of this series. Why this one? The light. The smiles. The bridesmaid just out of frame but visible. The contrails. The banner. The fact that we'd all, me and the B&G, we'd all agreed "no cheesy photos" and yet here we are, cheesing like mad. The pink and white cover to the compostor, hastily put together by friends of the B&G the day before. Oh all this and more. None of it is perfect - the grass is thin (the house hasn't long been built); the sky is well blown-out around the sun; I'd of kinda liked a bit more DoF. But who cares - Life is there. Life and Love - I didn't keep them hanging around for ages while we set it up and got everything perfect - we did this and another shot in less than a minute. And that's the point - it is spontaneous, it happened just like that, and it is representative of John and Petra.

It was a beautiful wedding John, Petra - thank you for asking me to photograph it.

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