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Sloane Square

Don't Give Up! (Vienna)

Rolobenz Mix Desk Technician

Bank Holiday Weekend

At the Berriew Show with Andrew Logan, he of Alternative Miss World fame. 

A competitor at the Berriew Show.

Beautiful Bank Holiday weather - sheets of rain and 16 degrees.

A soaked peacock cleaning himself on the balustrades overlooking the view found in the previous picture. This last picture is worth viewing large if you can.



It's all about the light.


Vivien Maier's Bathroom

Here's something potentially valuable

Go see, explore. And since I have to have an image with everything at the moment:

The Artist's Way: Morning Pages


Theatre Work

The silhouettes are PS brushes produced by erichilemex at DeviantArt. The masks come from a couple of photographs I took at The Guilsfield Show and then mucked about with. It was to be a piece for a psychotherapist who works with British theatres, amongst other clients, but it wasn't right in the end; however, I didn't want it languishing unseen on a hard drive as I quite like it. I sometimes think I should be spending my time a tad more productively* but I come back to pictures and photography and colour and form and shape again and again and again.

*That is, in the form of work that garners more money.

3 Carrots - Short: Guilsfield Village Show

Otherwise, they only languish


The making of a monkey's paw

Draft for a forthcoming theatre production

Is this allowed?

Now? Double Exposures.

Panasonic GX7 vs. the Fuji X100 - some unscientific observations.

All the above taken in Shrewsbury today with the Panasonic GX7 and 20mm f1.7 (version 2 of the lens). They were taken in RAW and converted via Photoshop; minimal pp applied. The 1:1 in-camera ratio was used and a couple of them have been cropped a tad afterwards. No colour correction applied in Photoshop.
So, I've had the camera a couple of weeks and what do I think? Well, first off, the rationale for buying this was to have a small, carry everywhere camera that replaced my X100 from Fuji. Why a replacement? Because try as I might, I couldn't overlook the focus problems of the Fuji. Yes, it has updated firmware and yes, I know all about the need for a high-contrast area on which to focus etc, but it was still just too darn frustrating to use and there even remained situations, mostly in low light, when it simply couldn't focus; in such situations you might think that manual focus would be the way to go but anyone who owns an X100 will soon put you right on that. In additi…

Saatchi Gallery


Square. B&W. GX7. The jury is still out.