24 October 2014

A Tale of Three Photos

1. All taken with the new (to me) Nikon D810, a camera I am still getting used to. 
2. All downsampled from huge 38mp jpegs (72mp RAW files). 
3. All a bit orange? I'm working on it. 

Why did I take them? Well, in order of execution: 

The Castle

(a) Because I wanted to test the sharpness of the Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art lens on the new camera - I've a feeling it isn't as sharp as it could be / as it is on the D700s. It's great, but I'm thinking some fine tuning is needed. 
(b) Because it is there. 
(c) Because of the autumn colours and the cloud in the blue sky.
(d) Because I wanted to find out some more about the D810's resolution.

The result? A bit over-saturated, a bit John Hinde (one day, they'll be collector's items, those cards, one day, but perhaps not yet).

The result? A bit dull. Too saturated.

The Autumn Wind Detritus

(a) Because it, the ground with the leaves and twig and stones on, reminded me of an illustration for a children's book, perhaps a French one. I don't know, I just loved it. It also reminded me of Paul Smith's clothes. And, of course, of Nature. Always a good thing.

One I might keep.

The Alarming Selfie

(a) To improve my off-camera flash technique. 
(b) To use a small shoot-through umbrella for the first time. 
(c) To improve my familiarity with the Nikon SB600.
(d) To continue improving my familiarity with the Nikon D810.

Nurse! The screens! 

All photos were taken within the context of my ongoing love-affair with photography, of course. Would I put any of them in my favourites? No. Does one stand out? Oh yes, clearly - the Autumn Wind Detritus. Why that one? Because I haven't got another picture like it. Did I learn any lessons? Yes, eyebrows - they need trimming more often than you think. Also, for some reason, I've become more heavy-handed with saturation - perhaps it is a response to the onset of colder weather and longer nights? 

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