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Colour from earlier

Interesting how the tone of a picture can affect the mood so strongly - the first and second pictures were taken seconds apart yet to my mind have a completely different emotional feel because of the quality of the light. Could they be improved? Of course, especially the first one: cloning out the wire, ensuring at the time of the shot that the bridesmaid's foot is included... But still, I like them, hence they're here. As to the last shot, the reason the groom is laughing is because the guy holding the cake has asked them to hurry up as the cake is growing heavy - doesn't sound wildly amusing now, but at the time it defused the tension, inherent in any wedding ceremony, beautifully.


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My trouble is

when I'm confronted with a request for headshots, say, I can't just stop there I have to start experimenting. I mean, you wouldn't put this on Spotlight or the IMDb now would you? Ah well, I wouldn't do it if I couldn't, if you see what I mean. Above is the ever-beautiful Claire-Monique Martin taken on Friday. Other photographs were procured.

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Schopenhauer’s central premise is that talent achieves what others cannot achieve, whereas genius achieves what others cannot imagine.