19 November 2014

Multiple Exposure

So, a little experiment - below are various versions of the same photo with different "enhancements" applied to each. The picture was taken yesterday afternoon a little way from home. I'm going to leave them here on Mrs Lemon's for a while and see which one stands up the longest - that is to say, over time, which one bears repeated viewing. It's an interesting and oft-demonstrated phenomena that, over time, some pictures improve and some deteriorate in the eye of the beholder and I'm curious to see which of these survives and which could usefully be despatched for recycling. At the moment they are coincidentally in my order of preference, with colour winning out and then a harder black and white version. However, I'm wondering what that order will look like in six weeks, six months or a year. One small thing - since uploading them I'm thinking the differences between 3 and 4 may be too subtle but again, I'll see if I still think that in a little while - as with all pictures and decor, it's important to live with them a while or, indeed, to forget about them for a while and then come back to them.

So, anyway, behold: 





So, I must stop starting sentences with "so".

UPDATE: ONE WEEK ON (27/11/14)

The colour shot is winning - miles ahead at the moment.


I think it is safe to say the colour shot has won.

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