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Oh, and because I said I was going to post more colourful images:

Happy New Year

Here's a few shots from the last two or three weeks. Wherever you are, whatever you are up to, may your 2015 be peaceful. See you on the other side...

By the way, that's a hard frost in the 8th picture, not snow.

Richard II by the Malachite Theatre Company

Welshpool Music Festival


Christmas 2014 - Ellie

Holoculos II



Town Crier Championships, Montgomery

The bottom photo shows the Volume Judge.

Some reworked images


Bit of cheat, this no. 51. I did take a 51 and included it in the mix but for some reason it didn't upload. After I'd taken it I took the above and now I prefer this one to the original (which was out of focus, to reflect the impossibility of knowing what is around the corner). Therefore, this is kinda 51 version 2.0 - it's up to you, gentle reader, if you wish to accept it or not... :)

51 years of lessons (8, 29 and 51 missing; 14 doubles as 15 as well): The Metaphors (1)