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Never have anything to do with anyone who is known by three names, especially three first names

As a rule, of course, yes - don't read their books and avoid them if you can - they will only irritate. And they will be Men. Manly Men. Or at least men who want to be seen as Men.

But of course there are exceptions - one might be* Michael David Murphy, ex-photographer and now (?) photography show curator, interviewed here by Blake Andrews. Why listen to him? Because he has this interesting observation:

"I have a hard time when photographers say they want to "see their work in a gallery."

What's the matter with wanting to be in a gallery?

There's nothing wrong with galleries, or the desire to be in them, but it shouldn't be the end goal. It seems too narrow of a focus. Maybe your photos would work best if you teamed-up with a street-artist who could wheat-paste them on that huge underpass, you know?"

He has other insights too of course, but this is the best one in this interview IMO: he's right - photographs are not necessarily best appreciated in a gallery, pace Jonathan Jones (warning: link is not for the easily offended). A book? A projection on a building? A projection onto a face, or back or shoulder? Or, indeed, plastered across an underpass or over a building? Why not. 

* I say "might" as I've only ever read this one interview with him so YMMV. 


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