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Choices, choices

I've got to either (a) get a faster broadband connection; or (b) stop taking such large digital pictures. Either way, I need to stop sitting waiting... and waiting... for things to upload to the web. Since I live, for the moment anyway, in mid-Wales, a faster connection to the net is unlikely so I'll have to stop worrying about my pictures being too small in the future and start compressing stuff.
Anyway, another found picture, above, also from Shrewsbury, it shows what I think are some members of the Salvation Army with what looks like it might be a harvest supper collection. Or something. What I can't work out is what they are doing with such a large jar of Opossum - I mean, who needs that much? Some years, we get by without touching any at all.

I've posted the pic at a larger size than I normally would so that it is clearer what is going on. Well, clearer in the sense of more visible; the whole thing still remains something of a mystery.


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