10 February 2015

Film No. 3

Less enamoured of my results this time, part of the problem is the absence of dynamic range and the tiny file sizes I am getting from the CD that the local chemist delivers. These two issues may well be related; any which way, it means that I don't have much headroom in any of the files and these are the only two keepers from the last roll of 24 that I shot and, of course, it doesn't need pointing out that that are hardly stellar. However, one thing that keeps me coming back to it is the soft, forgiving nature of the lens and film combination - there is something beautiful about the grain and the light in the first image for example. Anyway, my continued failures only serve to make me work harder to get more success, digital be damned.
The ideas behind the above pictures were simple - the first was a portrait of James taken just because the light was nice, James is a cooperative chap, and I had the camera to hand. The second was taken because I liked the contrast between the crisp, busy leaves and the smooth, artificial lines of the car, plus of course there was a red-on-red play going on. I also liked the idea of not being sure what the subject was here... I'll stop there, however, as to go further is to risk pseudery.

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