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Film vs. Digital, Part the Umptieth

One of the advantages film has over digital is that one has to wait for the results and one never knows exactly what one is going to get. Why is this advantageous? Because one of the difficulties I have with my pictures is that I know them, I've seen them all before, and they can't surprise me. I can refuse to chimp* and wait until I get home and put the pictures on my computer but it ain't the same somehow - I've a good general idea of what I have got because even though I may not chimp every shot, I will check one or two in a sequence just to make sure I'm not wildly off with a setting or whatever. Besides, a few hours between taking and seeing just isn't the same as a few days or even weeks if I don't manage to get a film finished more quickly. I could artificially create a delay but the artifice would lessen the impact I'm sure. So, here's to more film - may it continue to be made for some time to come.

* "Chimping" is a term geeky photographers use to describe the act of looking at a picture on the back of your camera after you have taken the shot.


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