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My latest experiment with film

I got this set of pictures back from the chemists today and, whilst some of them had a very strong colour cast, I am nonetheless pleased by how a few of them look. Sure, they're not amazing photos in themselves but oh, the film-like qualities, even after conversion to jpegs and even though they are displayed here on the web. The prints themselves? Well, they're OK, but I have to say that most of the shots have needed some work - straightening, contrast, bits and bobs; the last one above was converted to black and white in Silver Efex Pro. But still and all, there is a quality to them - the grain, the softness, the subtle colours - that digital really struggles to attain.

A few more:

As before, the last one was converted using Silver Efex Pro - I love how the light, reflected off the metal of the railings, is rendered in black and white. I think it is more than nostalgia that makes me like them - they somehow seem more human than digital files.


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