17 February 2015


This is the lower field on the way to town, looking up towards Powis Castle. There is a small herd of cows in this field - well, I say cows, they could be bullocks, I'm still a pathetic city type and my bovine ID skills are minimal. I've got a bit more robust with them though, going up close when I have to get by: they tend to congregate on the road by the cattle grid that separates their field from the estate grounds around which the deer roam, blocking the road you can see here. Once there, they look mournfully at the grid as if they are going to give it a go at any moment, standing around and getting in the way of me and others who are going about our Very Important Business - i.e. getting in supplies of Sainsbury's granola bars or heading off for a coffee at the Royal Oak where I try to finish the now interminable-seeming Werner Herzog book (Werner - I stopped with the hagiographic feelings towards you when you stated with confidence that Southampton was 100 miles from the Isle of Wight; it isn't and I can't help but feel you knew that but wanted to big up your tale of the pedal-powered dirigible driver). Anyway and so be it. A field, some trees, and some overuse of the clarity slider equivalent in SilverEfex Pro. Make of it what you will.

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