23 April 2015

Today's selection

After taking a few shots of Jane with Nick Clegg and his entourage yesterday, today was a more low-key affair(!). At the top is Jane's mum on the phone to Jane - I liked the light and the composition; it is rare for me to simply convert a raw file to jpeg and do nothing to it but that is what happened in this case (using the Panasonic GX7, as with all the pictures here). Next up, this rather mangy looking specimen was in a fight with a rival outside the main entrance to the castle - when I came along he turned his attentions to me and saw me off down the hill sharpish, but not before I got a few pictures. The third picture is what it is - hellish grainy but I kind of like it. Last up is a coot coming over in the hopes that I have got some bread for him / her; s/he was, sadly, disappointed. The red and blue is the evening sky reflected in the water - last day of the warm weather today apparently and rain and cooler temperatures are on their way.

18 April 2015

King Lear at The Asylum, Peckham

Patrick Dodds Photography

A redesign at Patrick Dodds Photography - it needed a bit more joy injected I think - if you have any thoughts or comments, let me know as I'd be grateful for any feedback. The above was taken at the wettest wedding I've yet covered - neither the kids nor anyone else cared too much about the rain though, as people were too busy having a good time.

6 April 2015

Photography: how to do it

"The eye is made to see and not think... A good photograph is a surprise. How could we plan and foresee a surprise? We just have to be ready."
Marc Ribaud. More, many more, wonderful quotations about photography here.

M, Soho