1 May 2015

On the Campaign Trail

Jane with Miriam Gonzales Durantez (Nick Clegg's wife) and Darren and Daniel, apprentices at a community garden in Newtown, Montgomeryshire.


So, that didn't work out so well... Why so bad?

1. Tuition fees - Clegg never really got it did he? He never understood people's anger about his volte face. He lost the trust of the voters and never got it back.
2. Protest votes went to UKIP. Few people (myself included) realised just how few true LDs there are and the extent to which their vote was made up of disenchanted or disenfranchised Tories or Labour voters.
3. The politics of coalition: The UK doesn't have a history of coalition governments and the LDs had sole responsibility for getting across the message that compromise is part of the deal - they failed to do this before, during or after 2010 and have now paid the price.

Some other reasons too of course, but those are the main ones that I think did for them as a party. Whether they can ever again be taken seriously or if they will just die off is open to question. I'm glad Nick Clegg has resigned though, it is just a pity that he didn't do so years ago. I like him as a person and he is clearly intelligent and committed; a shame, though, that he couldn't see himself as others see him.

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