31 August 2015


Lying on the grass at the top of our garden on Quickley Lane, the apple tree to my right, the silver birches behind me, the latter not yet condemned to death by the wasps' nest in their base. In the house, the rest of my family - mum, dad, brother, sister. Overhead, blue sky turning evening. Its the school holidays - near the beginning, not the end, so peace, and exciting, stomach-tingling thoughts of play. I turn and look at the grass up close: a ladybird; arcing blades of green; the world beneath my feet. I turn back to the sky - swallows flit about above: it is warm, it is quiet, it is infinite.
I'm called in for bed.

27 August 2015



Just Hank





From the Window


Mrs Lemon's Visit to Japan

22 August 2015

Selfie. Settings as before.

Selfie: 1/2.5 sec; 200 ISO; flash at 1/5th power, rear curtain sync; f5.6. Converted to b&w in Photoshop CC*

*More information than you needed? Apologies. This post is actually for me, to help me remember what I'm doing next time I want to drag the flash. 

The Lake Twins at work in Turner's House

Private View - The Lake Twins, JMW Turner's House, St Margarets

Rickmansworth II

We Don't Trust You


Bust by NJH Dodds (my father)

Rickmansworth: Life on the Edge

Apparently it is Henri Cartier Bresson's birthday today, or would have been, had he been alive. In his honour, the day has been designated World Street Photography Day. I didn't know that when I went out with my camera earlier but, now I do, these are my contribution. Yeah, no people - I know. Next time maybe.

Welcome to Mrs Lemon's: Sic transit gloria mundi.

See more at http://patrickdoddsphotography.co.uk .

Something of an online zibaldone, albeit not on Tumblr where one might otherwise expect to find such things, "Mrs Lemon's Visit to Japan" takes its name from a poster seen in Cornwall advertising a talk at the local Women's Institute. I hope there is something here you like.

NB If you go back in time far enough on here some of the photos start to disappear - not sure why. Whatever is happening with the missing pictures, apologies.



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