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What would Leiter do?

Imagine if the internet had been around forty / fifty / sixty years ago, but that cameras had remained analogue: do you think Bailey, Page, Leiter, Penn, Adams, Arbus, Abbot or Moon* would have sat about at their computer screens arguing on forums about the relative merits of Hassleblad, Nikon, Kodachrome blah blah blah? Or do you think they would have been out getting on with producing beautiful, resonant photographs? Exactly. So, c'mon, stop it. The Fuji XPro2 vs. the Nikon D500? Who cares? Both can be made to sing by the right person - get to it. 

*I'm on a one-man mission to raise Sarah Moon's profile - that's her photo, above - how am I doing? 


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Schopenhauer’s central premise is that talent achieves what others cannot achieve, whereas genius achieves what others cannot imagine.