19 April 2016

Manchester Lowry Centre

It's funny what makes a good photograph

So sometimes it isn't the lighting or the composition or the youth and prettiness of the subject. Above is a picture of the parents of Oisin Byrne sharing a joke at the opening of his exhibition at the Cecilia Brunson Projects in Bermondsey, London. His pictures grace the walls behind them, and the walls are covered in his designs. This is one of my favourite pictures from 2016 so far. And yes, his parents were as lovely as they look and their character explains, I'd imagine, the beauty of their son.

The Compass Room, The Lowry Centre, Manchester

Nice hair.

12 April 2016



  1. Continually improving coffee.
  2. Peak tattoo has passed. 
  3. Leicester at the top. Not so much into football but everyone likes an underdog. 
  4. Caravaggio. 
  5. Spring. 
  6. Snowden. 
  7. Niall McDiarmid.
  8. Sarah Moon.
  9. The "new" London double deckers

Not so much: 

  1. Orange trainers. 
  2. Joggers in the rush hour. 
  3. Focus abilities of the X Pro 2. 
  4. Sciatica. 
  5. Estate agents. 
  6. Peak tattoo may not have passed. 
  7. Bagging areas. 

6 April 2016

Weddings n Power Ballads: A Marvellous Trend

At a recent wedding...

What was playing? I can't remember now I'm sorry to say but it could have been Foreigner's I Want to Know [wannaknow] What Love Is, or possibly Europe's Final Countdown, or maybe Guns n Roses November Rain. Anyway, whatever it was, it was massive fun.

UPDATE: Perhaps what's being communicated here is that "Johnny used to work on the docks..."

M, Soho