30 May 2016

Cornwall 2016

I like this photo. It is good. Not exciting. But good. I mentioned somewhere recently that, if photography is a language, then certain photographs are swearing. This one isn't a swear word. This one is the equivalent of "pyjamas" maybe, or "woodwork". Certainly nothing more exciting than that.
Don't you think the silvery bits (I don't know what they are - ears maybe?), don't you think they look like trilobites?

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

6 May 2016

King Lear


The Fool, King Lear

Trente Parke

Image / Copyright: Trente Parke / Magnum

"It's not enough for me to be just to be out on the street shooting people - I need to be trying to push the medium of photography as well. I want to create new and interesting pictures rather than stuff that has been seen before. It's a multi-layered thing. I don't think I'm clever enough to be able to set images up. I'd rather see them happening around me, grab them and let chance play a part... And when the photograph works well it has a kind of epic quality."

My (unintentional) take on the same thing:

4 May 2016

... for the Aleatory

Aleatory: Dependent on chance, luck or an uncertain outcome. Throw down some matches and take a photo; take the same matches and arrange them yourself on the table top and take another picture. The first photo will have an indefinable quality that the second lacks. It will almost certainly look "better" somehow - the quality of that betterness won't be measurable, but it will be there. Honestly. Try it.