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In the Kitchen

From a job today

No, you're not


So I've started to keep notebooks (a bit late in the day but never mind - I like them). Inspired in part by Peter Beard (not to be confused with Peter Beardsley), I find them relaxing to make / keep, and they augment my memory - magazines are chopped up, concerts are reviewed, books critiqued, paintings appreciated, that type of thing. Anyway, above is what happens when magazines get the treatment. The best thing, though, is that screens are not involved and oh by jimminy! that is a relief let me tell you. Mrs Lemon's has suffered a bit as a consequence but the jamboree of nerves in my cranium that is my brain has benefitted enormously I think. Not through anything more profound than my being a bit more relaxed but hey, anyway, it's a result.

UPDATE: Heard a podcast interview with P. Beard yesterday - dear oh dear what a plonker. Ah well, you live and learn - I still like the look of his journals in any case: you know, that 'Hitler and his watercolours' thing.


Down the Crown

Outside Freestate Coffee - Need Help?

That Onion Cafe board - annoying. Also, colour: it can be enough, but isn't quite sufficient here. However, I do like the yellow tufts of hair, the pink bag and the red shirt and all the echoes these have with the side of the florist's van.

Streetlight Selfie

Fiona / Frightening Chest of Drawers

Also at a recent wedding

At a recent wedding


Silent Disco

Child Z


Brighton Fringe

Outside FreeState Coffee

In case anyone wishes to accuse me of Steve McCurrying this one, I admit that the van to the woman's left started out red before going through Photoshop.

Reason for the photo? I liked her tones.

At a recent birthday party

Fuji X-Pro2: Day 4 (tired of this yet? Me either).

Waterloo this evening. Trains not running because of it being hot - you know, the wrong type of sun or something. The weather parameters in which our rail system functions seem to be narrowing every year.
Not much to say today - I had been hoping to get home and sort some more photographs out for people from recent shoots but, well, the scene above tells you all you need to know. I bumped into my brother-in-law and a friend of his, Comedy Bob, and we went to the pub before getting an Uber home. So now I'm not fit for writing anything but tomorrow is another day so I shall start again then. In the meantime, here's another photograph, again taken with the go-anywhere (at least at the moment) X-Pro2 and 35mm f2. You're welcome. 

It was kinda hot today. I mean, for London.

Fuji X-Pro2: Day 3

The above is a SOOC jpeg. Last of the day's sunlight. I'd have liked a bit more dynamic range such that the sky held a bit of colour and the blacks weren't so black but never mind - I like it otherwise. And I could have fiddled with the settings a bit of course but I'm still in the "let's just see what it does if left to its own devices" mode.
Some observations from today: 
1. I've just had the camera freeze on me - by which I mean, I was deleting some photographs one by one and the screen went black and the camera became unresponsive - not so good for a two-day old machine with less than a couple of hundred pictures on it. Had to pop out the battery in the end. Not good Fuji, not good.  2. I still want to pick it up and take it to photograph things - it really does beg to be used.  3. You know the ISO arrangement is a bit of a mess, yes? I mean, the lifting the collar on the dial like we used to have to do in 1982? So instead you choose your auto-IS…

The X-Pro2: 24 Hours In

Some very early thoughts on the X-Pro2 I picked up yesterday. The photos are OOC jpegs taken with a Fuji 35mm (50mm equivalent) f2; I have the raw files but it is late and Adobe don't want me to be able to open them for some reason - I'll figure it out at some point but for now, sorry - jpegs only. And not the most fascinating of pictures but never mind - some blindingly beautiful work will no doubt follow later in the week... ;-)

Shot in Velvia mode and downsized in Photoshop; no post-processing. A bit orange-heavy? Perhaps - the late evening sunlight was very warm though, and my Nikons give similar results. Shot at 1 stop under.

Shot in standard mode then de-hazed in Photoshop and contrast given a bit of a boost. Emsmallened on output. Lots of dust visible all over the sensor, despite my only having taken the camera and the 35mm f2 out of their packaging and married them. Ah well. More concerning were a number of tiny black spots visible in the blue of the dusk sky. Dead pi…

Finding Mrs Lemon's

I had a look at some of my earliest posts the other day and panicked - the pictures were so bad and the writing so grating that I hid the blog from search engines and the public. However, I've been thinking things over and though the early pictures are woeful, they do show where I've come from - photographs now may not be earth-shattering but they are undeniably better - technically at the very least, and I hope in terms of subject matter. But more to the point, to hell with it - yes, the blog is at times embarrassing ("Did I say that? Did I post that?") but never mind - for good or evil I'm ploughing on; perhaps I'll work at it sufficiently such that it garners a few more readers but whatever, Mrs Lemon's is back and apologies if you were looking for it and unable to find it. So, normal service is resumed. And by way of recognition of this, here's a photo:

(Uploaded using the services of EE - EE, whose broadband would be outpaced by a band of one-leg…

Hoxton, last weekend

About last night...

At We Are Cuts, Soho

"Daniel has been cutting my hair for 25 years," I said.  "That's my age," she said.

The Opening of Quango's Exhibition at Cuts, Soho

Wedding Prep, Slovakia

Yes, I think I did this one before but hey, I like it so here it is again.




Sam and Ellie

Hamlet - the Malachites - at The Geffrye Museum

Schopenhauer’s central premise is that talent achieves what others cannot achieve, whereas genius achieves what others cannot imagine. 

One day

One day I'm going to go through Mrs Lemon's and delete 85% of the pictures and posts and streamline the rest - same picture sizes, some sort of rule about what appears (there has to be a person in the picture? Only black and white? Only square shots? Something like that). That way, the whole bloody melange will be a lot easier to look at, to browse. And the chaff will be banished - goodness knows, it is mostly chaff after all.