Finding Mrs Lemon's

I had a look at some of my earliest posts the other day and panicked - the pictures were so bad and the writing so grating that I hid the blog from search engines and the public. However, I've been thinking things over and though the early pictures are woeful, they do show where I've come from - photographs now may not be earth-shattering but they are undeniably better - technically at the very least, and I hope in terms of subject matter. But more to the point, to hell with it - yes, the blog is at times embarrassing ("Did I say that? Did I post that?") but never mind - for good or evil I'm ploughing on; perhaps I'll work at it sufficiently such that it garners a few more readers but whatever, Mrs Lemon's is back and apologies if you were looking for it and unable to find it. So, normal service is resumed. And by way of recognition of this, here's a photo:

(Uploaded using the services of EE - EE, whose broadband would be outpaced by a band of one-legged elves trained to ride round the to the relevant server with individual pixels and place them in situ by hand).

Two things about this photo that I'm sure you will find enormously interesting. Or not. Firstly, it was taken with an X-Pro2, a camera I have succumbed to despite my past experience with the X100, a camera with the unique attribute of being unable to focus either electronically or with manual assistance. Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes - it's nicer to use than a big ol' full frame DSLR but, well, let's see - the jury is still out.
Secondly, that cup of tea is not a realistic representation of how I have it. My teeth may not be the whitest but were I to have my tea like the above they would be the colour of elm stumps. I've a way to go before I get the measure of this camera.


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