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Visiting Kew Gardens today, a few things happened: 

1. On the train on the way there I was looking at the light as it played across the carriage in one of the newish underground trains that is open throughout - i.e. doesn't have distinct carriages. I realised it would have made a beautiful video a la Pinkhassov. I didn't video it - my phone camera hasn't worked for months and I was too slow to get out the Fuji.

2. Light was playing on the Sackler Bridge at Kew Gardens, as shown above. Of course, I realised afterwards, this too should have been a video. Ah well, at least I'm slowly seeing what the fuss is about, albeit that I still prefer a still.

3. The photo of the plants against the glass, also above, I took after I'd spent the morning thinking about trying to photograph what it is that one can get from going to Kew on one's own: there is an enjoyable type of melancholic loneliness that my visit today had (I'd earlier dropped my wife off at Heathrow and she will be abroad for a week), and I connected this with the talk Cig Harvey gave in the video posted a few posts before this one. It was an epiphany, or so it felt at the time, though now, as I look at the pictures, I don't know if they capture anything of what it was I was trying to say: whilst they are some of the best I've taken at Kew, I don't know if the atmosphere of luxuriating (is that the right word?) in loneliness comes across. Besides, "loneliness" might not be the right word - it is normally considered entirely negative but the feelings I had in the sun on my own today weren't those entirely of sadness, though they had an elegiac quality, but rather of a sense of being alone but being excited by the creative possibilities this afforded. I've taken similar pictures before, but without the intention behind these - I think they're better for it. 

4. I have lots more to say but perhaps now isn't the time - I need to think on some more and not be so public about things until I've worked through them further. In the meantime, here's a few more from this afternoon: 


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